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Those who enjoy the feeling of escaping the modern world drive to the north end of N.C. 12 and keep going on the sand, where they can drive beside the ocean for more than 10 miles to the gated-off Virginia state line without seeing a commercial establishment or paved road of any sort. This portion of the Currituck Outer Banks is called the “four-wheel-drive area” or Carova, a word that’s a mix of Carolina and Virginia. While there is no commercial development, there is an abundance of residential development, including a range from rustic cottages to some of the most palatial beach homes on the entire Outer Banks. Locals have names for different areas of this stretch of beach, including Seagull Beach, Penny’s Hill, Swan Beach, North Swan Beach and Carova Beach. Carova is a special area for those who are willing to work with Mother Nature and to rough it in terms of immediate access to convenience. But the access to natural areas and uncrowded ocean beaches is unparalleled. Plus, you get to share the land with a herd of beautiful wild Spanish mustangs.

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