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13 Pretty Good Reasons to Own Oceanfront

  1. Location, location, location.
  2. You’ll never have to look for a parking place at a beach access.
  3. You won’t get sand in your car after a day at the beach. But don’t throw away your vacuum cleaner. (Sand is like clean dirt.)
  4. You’ll have first dibs on the shells, starfish, and sea glass that washed up overnight.
  5. Science says its good for your health. Negative ions in ocean water are calming and relaxing.
  6. You won’t have any neighbors to the east. Except for a few in Ireland.
  7. You won’t have to pay to rent someone else’s oceanfront house.
  8. The sound of the waves will lull you to sleep.
  9. Your love life will improve. You know why. Enough said.
  10. You’ll discover friends and relatives you never knew you had.
  11. Your teenagers will want to hang out with you.
  12. You can stop wondering how other people can afford to own those houses. Now you know.
  13. You will confound people who think you are pragmatic and practical and only live to work.
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